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Baptistlist: helping put pastors and churches together

Baptistlist provides a list of pastorless Baptist churches in an attempt to put pastors and churches together. This is a ministry to Southern Baptist churches and pastors seeking direction and leadership in changing or moving to a new field. The ministry is provided by concerned individuals and contributions from those individuals.

To be listed churches should have at least 300 enrolled or be large enough to have a secretary. Smaller churches change quickly and it
is impossible to keep an updated list. Accuracy is not guaranteed so investigation is advised. To update the information, please fill out our update form or email baptistlist@gmail.com .

Last Update: 5/22/2017
Date Church Budget Attendance Information Association
5/22/2017 Memorial Baptist, Kannapolis, NC $436K 160 SS (195 worship) www.mbchurch.org Cabarrus
5/19/2017 Mountain Rest Baptist, Mountain Rest, SC $186K 69 SS (99 worship) www.montainrestbaptist.com Beaverdam
5/19/2017 Mount Carmel Baptist, Cross Plains, TN $471K 134 SS (239 worship) www.crossplains.church Robertson
5/17/2017 First Baptist, Moriarty, NM $335K 100 Ss (140 worship) www.thepeoplechurch.org Central
5/17/2017 Mountain Valley Baptist, Edgewood, NM No report 73 ss (300 WORSHIP) www.mountainvalley.org Central
5/17/2017 First Baptist, Albuquerque, NM $596K 285 SS (300 worship) www.fbcabq.com Central
5/15/2017 Forest Grove Baptist, Alacjia, FL $238K 134 www.forestgrovebaptistchurch.org Pottawatomie-Lincoln
5/15/2017 Hillcrest Baptist, Franklinton, LA $471K 160 SS (233 Worship) www.hbcfranklinton.com Washington
5/15/2017 Bethany Baptist, Crane Hill, AL $226K 58 SS (117 worship) qqq.bethanybysmithlake.com W. Cullman
5/15/2017 First Baptist, Wartburg, TN $380K 161 SS (288 worship) www/fbcwartburg.org Big Emory
5/15/2017 High Falls Baptist, Jackson, GA $173K 56 SS (*135 worship) www.highfallsbaptist@bellsouth.net Kimbell
5/15/2017 First Baptist, Perryville, MD $261K 76 SS (117 worship) www.perryville.org Susquehanna
5/15/2017 First Philippine Baptist, Houston, TX No report 120 SS (150 worship) www.fpbchouston.org Ethnic: American Filipino Union Texas Baptists
5/15/2017 Grand Island Baptist, Grand Island, FL $368K 236 www.grandislandbaptist.com Lake Country
5/4/2017 First Baptist, Niceville, FL $1.9M 494 worship www.fbcniceville.org Emerald Coast
5/4/2017 First Baptist, Walters, OK $471K 156 SS (181 worship) www.fbcwalters.com Comanche-Cotton
5/4/2017 North Orange Baptist church, Orange, TX $902K 224(209) www.nobcfamily.com Golden Triangle
5/4/2017 Ridgecrest Baptist, Ozark, AL $412K 165 SS (204 worship) www.ridgecrestbaptistozark.org Dale To Dale Assoc. as DOM
5/4/2017 Greenwell Springs Baptist, Greenwell Springs, LA $3.0M 650 SS (1208 worship www.greenwellsprings.com Baton Rouge
5/4/2017 Bethany Missionary Baptist, Rougemont , NC $212K 110 SS (145 worship) www.bethanybaptistmissionary.org Beulah
5/2/2017 Theresa Baptist, Roxboro , NC $633K 310 SS (341 worship) www.theresabaptist.church.org Beulah
5/2/2017 Springhill Baptist, Springfield, MO $545K 200 SS (305 worship) www.springhillbaptist.church Greene
5/2/2017 Midway Baptist, Wichita , KS $314K 170 SS (148 worship) www.midwaywichita.com Heart of Kansas
5/2/2017 Pleasant Ridge Baptist, Walhalla, SC $227K 97 SS (163 worship) www.pleasantridgebaptistchurchsbc.org Beaverdam
5/2/2017 Immanuel Baptist, Savannah, GA $490K 188 SS (250 worship) www.immanuelbaptistchurch.us Savannah
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helping put pastors and churches together