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Baptistlist: helping put pastors and churches together

Baptistlist provides a list of pastorless Baptist churches in an attempt to put pastors and churches together. This is a ministry to Southern Baptist churches and pastors seeking direction and leadership in changing or moving to a new field. The ministry is provided by concerned individuals and contributions from those individuals.

To be listed churches should have at least 300 enrolled or be large enough to have a secretary. Smaller churches change quickly and it
is impossible to keep an updated list. Accuracy is not guaranteed so investigation is advised. To update the information, please fill out our update form or email baptistlist@gmail.com .

Last Update: 3/22/2017
Date Church Budget Attendance Information Association
3/22/2017 Alameda Baptist, Norman, OK $181K 75 SS (125 worship) alamedabc@coxnet.net Union
3/20/2017 First Baptist, Mannford, OK $200K 70 SS (90 worship) www.fbcmannford.org Apps close 4-16 Tulsa Metro
3/20/2017 West Point Baptist, Kannapolis, NC $185K 80 SS (98 worship) www.westpointbaptist.com Cabarrus
3/20/2017 Forest Grove Baptist, Alachua, FL $238K 134 www.forestgrovebaptistchurch.org North Central
3/20/2017 First Baptist, Crescent , OK $318K 95 SS(171 worship) www.fbccrescent.org Central
3/16/2017 Laughlin Community, Laughlin, NV $253K 77 SS (164 worship) www.laughlinchurch.com Casino area south of LV S. Nevada
3/16/2017 Mulberry Baptist, Houma , LA No Report 98 SS (175 worship) www.mulberrychurch.org Bayou
3/16/2017 Lifepoint Fellowship, Tyler, TX $254K 184 www.lifepointFC.com Smith TB
3/16/2017 Chugach Assoc DOM, Anchorarge, AK Assisted by NAMB 28 churches rlgraham@gci.net Chucach
3/9/2017 First Baptist, Ballinger, TX www.353K 112 SS(121 worship) www.fbcballinger.org Lake Ivie TB
3/9/2017 South Garland Baptist, Garland, TX $414K NO APPS 156 SS (130 worship) www.sgbaptist.net Dallas TB
3/8/2017 First Baptist, Vernal, UT $212K 51 SS(60 worship) www.vernalfbc.org Utah
3/8/2017 Friendship Baptist, New Concord, OH $138K 90 SS (106 worship) www.friendbc.org Muskingum Valley
3/8/2017 Bethel Baptist, Alamogordo, NM $916K 275 SS (425 worship) www.bethelnm.org Relisted from 2016 Mountain Valley
3/8/2017 First Baptist, Norman Park, GA $243K 121 SS (158 worship) www.fbcnormanpark.com Colquitt
3/2/2017 First Baptist, Eastland, TX $914K 298 SS (346 worship) fbceastlandpsc@gmail.com Tri-County TB
2/26/2017 First Baptist, Orange Beach, AL $222K 70 SS (130 worship) www.firstbaptistorangebeach.com Deceased 2-17-17 Baldwin
2/21/2017 Fairview Baptist, Lebanon, TN $844K 271 SS (406 worship) www.myfairview.org To NAMB Wilson County
2/17/2017 First Baptist, Gretna, VA $260K 81 SS (130 worship) www.firstgretna.org Staunton River
2/15/2017 First Baptist, Sentinel, OK $339K 107 Ss (135 worship) www.fbcsentinel.com Concord-Kiowa
2/15/2017 New Life Baptist, Newalla, OK $201K 67 SS (109 worship) www.newlifenewalla.org Pottawatomie-Lincoln
2/15/2017 First Baptist, Floydada, TX $613K 200 SS (205 worship) www.fbcfloydada.org Caprock TB
2/15/2017 Glen Baptist, Glen St. Mary, FL $780K 381 www.glenbaptist.org Jacksonville
2/15/2017 Fairfield Glade Baptist, Fairfield Glade, TN $519K 160 SS (310 worshiip www.onthisrock.org Cumberland Plateau
2/15/2017 Moultrie Baptist, St. Augustine, FL $167K 75 SS (112 worship) www.moultriebaptistchurch.com St. John's River
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helping put pastors and churches together